5 Essential Back to Uni Items

The start of the new university year is just right around the corner (or may have even started for some of you)! It’s best to use your last few precious days off to get prepared for the new semester by getting organised and buying anything you might need. This doesn’t have to be boring! We’ve found the top five essential items you need for the new year which will not only help you thrive with your course work but will also give you a sense of motivation and organisation

1. Diary/Day Planner

With tutors and lecturers constantly throwing more and more essays and assignments your way, it’s definitely hard to keep up, especially during those hectic times during the semester. By using a diary, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting an assignment or rushing to meet deadlines ever again! You’ll be able to stay on top of all your work and manage to carve some hours out of your schedule for some much needed down time. You can also integrate this with your digital calendar for reminders and notifications to help you manage your tasks – and your social life! We like this cute one from Typo for $14.95

Typo 2015 Diary

2. Lever-Arch File

Unit outlines, lecture slides, readings, assignment briefs, they all need to go somewhere, right? Preferably somewhere not lost at the bottom of a cluttered drawer or underneath your bed. The solution to this problem is a no-brainer which definitely gets overlooked by many students: a lever-arch file! You’ll be able to keep all of your essential notes together and neatly organised by class and never have to waste time looking for papers ever again. Make sure your file is also readily filled with spare sheets of paper for note taking.

red, green files

3. Laptop/Tablet

During your time at uni, your laptop or tablet will soon become your best friend and also your greatest ally in the war of essays and fast approaching deadlines. With your handy laptop, you can easily smash out any assignment that come your way or take copious amounts of notes without the strain from handwriting. Use your laptop right and you’ll be unstoppable!


4. Pens

There’s nothing worse than being that student who shows up to class on the first day of the year without something as simple as a pen. Even if you’re using your laptop or tablet to take notes, it’s still essential to have a pen on you at all times. Check out some of the awesome novelty pens available a Typo which will hopefully keep you entertained and motivated enough to get through some of those dreaded lectures! This pizza pen is another Typo find!

Pizza Pen

5. Coffee Mug/Travel Mug

If there’s one thing that every student craves to get through those early morning classes and the late night study sessions, it’s the sweet boost of caffeine. The styrofoam cups from your favourite cafe can get boring pretty quickly though and soon you’ll find them covering every inch of your study space. The perfect solution is to invest in your own fun coffee mug or thermos to sneak into your classes so you’ll always have an energy boost right at your fingertips. Some campus coffee shops even offer discounts for bringing in your own mugs, it’s a worthy investment! It’s also much more environmentally sustainable.

travel space mug


The start of a new uni year may seem daunting but with these five items, you’ll be prepared to handle any task a lecturer or tutor throws at you!