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What To Wear To Graduation | Outfitting A Stylish Appearance

Your graduation day is a moment in your life that you forward to with great anticipation, but figuring out what to wear to graduation can sometimes seem daunting. Since graduation recognises your efforts in high school or college, you’ll want to look your best as you accept your diploma in front of your family and […]

Graduation Gown Hire: Is It Best To Buy Or Hire Your Gown (Video)

Graduating soon and can’t decide between graduation gown hire or purchase? Special occasions demand distinctive attires –– a wedding, an anniversary and even a graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremonies are special –– not only for students and institutions, but also for parents who envision this day from the moment their children step foot into school. Celebrating […]

Top 5 tips to study SMART

  Many students spend hours preparing for final exams, proof reading essays, writing reports and working with other students on group assignments. The university workload can get intense at times, especially during mid-semester exams or final exam periods. Extracurricular activities and part-time work commitments often put even more pressure on students, as they struggle to […]

The Power of the Student ID

What most people don’t realise about starting uni, is that as soon as you’ve enrolled in your classes and take your first step on campus: you’re given an extraordinary power. And no, we’re not talking about the precious gift of being able to complete twelve hours of work within the twenty minutes before your assignment […]

Stress-Less Exam Tips!

We’ve arrived at every university student’s least favourite time of the year – exam period! The archaic practice of piling into a room with hundreds of other students for three hours of writing is most student’s worst nightmare. After weeks of stress and preparation, you walk out of the venue feeling tired and hungry, with an aching hand and an ink stained […]

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Group Assignments

Every uni student has gone through the struggle of group assignments. It all starts when you see the words ‘Group Assignment’ written under the assessments section of your unit outline and a sense of dread immediately overcomes your entire being.  You seriously consider dropping out of the class or at least deferring it for another […]

Treat Yourself!

Let’s face it; mid semester time at uni is pretty much one of the most stressful times of your life. Not only are you constantly dealing with the stress of tricky assignments and essays which are all suspiciously due at the same time. But you also have to deal with the other struggles of being […]

Procrastinators unite… tomorrow!

Essays, assignments, reports, studying, it all needs to be done sometime, right? But first it’s pretty important to finish binge watching your new favourite TV series and that stack of dirty dishes which have been sitting in your bedroom for months suddenly needs to be cleaned up right this second. Basically you’ll find any reason […]

5 Essential Back to Uni Items

The start of the new university year is just right around the corner (or may have even started for some of you)! It’s best to use your last few precious days off to get prepared for the new semester by getting organised and buying anything you might need. This doesn’t have to be boring! We’ve […]