High School Graduation robe colours in Australia. Happy high school students with their graduation attire

What Are The Typical Graduation Robe Colours Australia Follows?

Graduation robe colours in Australia are typically distinguished based on discipline and courses undertaken. Every school or college has their own specifications in terms of colours, styles and accessories for graduation ceremony.

In fact, most educational institutions in the country offer written guidelines to help students follow them in preparation for this big day. Your graduation robes and accessories are expected to be in accordance with these guidelines to maintain decorum and uniformity on graduation day.

What Are The Graduation Robe Colours Australia Follows?

Graduation robes are often black with some type of colouring on them to indicate a course or discipline. This can either be on the robe or on the hood, cap or sash based on the specifications provided by every individual educational institution. The idea of creating distinguishing colours for different disciplines is a way to pay tribute to the course.

Graduation robe colours in Australia are not necessarily bound by any specific rules, so there is a lot of room for the university or high school to determine the dress codes on their own without stepping away too far from tradition.

Typically, if the robe remains black, then hoods or decorative braids may be lined with specific colours. These parameters display some graduation robe colours in Australia, although your own institution will provide the guidelines you need to follow for your big day.

High School Graduation Robes

Most high school graduation robes in Australia follow the Cambridge-style of dressing, which means that they are usually black and reach just below the knees. Sometimes, the gown may have some striking colouring in the front, but this is rare for high school graduates. The gown is generally held at the back in some type of yoke.

High School Graduation robe colours in Australia. Happy high school students with their graduation attire

Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Robes

When it comes to accepting a Bachelor’s Degree, it is far more common to see coloured robes. But this is dependent on the individual university. Graduates usually wear a gown made from black silk with a black hood and cap. The hood is often lined with the colour of the graduating discipline. Common colours used for degrees are royal blue for arts, violet for finance and banking, light purple for business, yellow for commerce, grey for dentistry, red for medicine and gold for engineering. Keep in mind that this is common, but it isn’t a written rule.

Master’s Degree Graduation Robes

A Master’s graduation gown is relatively similar to the Bachelor’s gown. But the sleeves are often longer and rectangular in shape. While the hood is black, it is lined with specific colours to indicate the course that the candidate is graduating from. Blue is popular for arts; white is for education; maroon is associated with engineering and scarlet is popular for surgery. Every university will associate their own set of colours for disciplines, so be sure to follow the guidelines presented by your institution.

Master's degree graduation robe colours in Australia. Happy students holding up a diploma each.

Doctorate Degree Graduation Robes

Doctorate degree graduation robe colours in Australia are usually more elaborate than college or high school versions –– reflecting the amount of hard work put into obtaining the Ph.D. The caps are generally made from velvet with golden cords and festal gowns. The hoods are often made from scarlet cloth and are lined based on the colour of the doctorate discipline.

For a doctorate degree, popular colours remain different shades of blues, whites, purples, creams and maroons. Dentistry doctorate graduates usually wear gowns with purple and cream. Medicine doctorate graduates usually wear gowns with purple silk. Engineering doctorate graduates usually wear maroon gowns.

These colours are just some typical colours that you may find associated with certain disciplines. Since there is no written rule, every university will relay their own set of guidelines about how to dress for the graduation ceremony based on past tradition.

Australia remains somewhat traditional when it comes to graduation gowns and colours. Graduation Regalia stocks a wide range of graduation robes and accessories to cater to the different needs of educational institutions and students. You simply need to send us your university guidelines and we can get it done to ensure that graduation day remains etched in your memory forever. We cater to different graduation robe colours Australia follows, so you’ll always find what you need with us.