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High School Graduation Cap And Gown | Everything You Need To Know

Choosing your high school graduation cap and gown is difficult when it’s your first time. With the myriad of options available in the market, you may feel overwhelmed –– even if your institution has produced a clear set of guidelines for your high school graduation gowns.

You need to plan your outfit well because this is one of the most momentous days of your life –– signifying recognition and achievement before you move to college or get a job. This guide equips you with everything you need to know about the factors that go into planning your high school graduation cap and gown for the best results.

What Is High School Graduation Regalia?

Your high school graduation ensembles consist of several separate facets to make up the whole picture.

They reflect the hard work and effort you have put into obtaining your diploma before you set off to college or become an apprentice in your desired industry.

happy high school students wearing their high school graduation cap and gown in Australia

Graduation Gowns

High school graduation gowns are most crucial when it comes to the overall outfit. They are typically black and can be made from a variety of lightweight materials based on where you come from. Graduation gowns are popularly known as academic dresses and are symbolic of the entire ceremony.

High school graduation gowns vary in length, but are commonly known to be mid way between the knees and ankles. Some high schools stipulate shorter versions, while others may expect them to be all the way to the ankle.

Graduation Mortarboard Or Cap

The mortarboard or cap is also representational of the entire graduation outfit and is usually black with a flat board on the top. It is often embellished with decorative braids or symbols to pay tribute to the high school. Graduation caps have widely evolved over the years to cater to different times, courses, countries and degrees.

Mortarboards or caps come in different sizes, so you will need to choose one that caters specifically to your needs. To prevent the cap from flying off during the graduation ceremony, you may need to pin it to your hair. When placed on your head, the mortarboard should be at a straight level without tilting to one side.

The decorative braids are generally worn on the right and then shifted to the left after you accept your diploma on stage. Your high school graduation cap and gown make up the fundamentals of your graduation regalia.

Graduation Hoods And Sashes

Graduation hoods and sashes will vary depending on your high school, so they may not always be compulsory.

If your high school requires a hood, they may indicate a specific colour in keeping with their official symbols and tones. Sashes are usually worn around your neck with both ends sitting in the front of your gown. They can be customised based on your specific high school needs.

What Do You Wear Under Your High School Graduation Cap And Gown?

Good pictures will help you retain wonderful memories that you can pass on to your kids, which means that your dressing needs to be impeccable. Pay attention to the clothes you wear under your high school graduation cap and gown because you will want to look your best on this big day.

Men should ideally wear dark trousers, light shirts and dark shoes for the best effect. You may also wear a tie to match your hood or sash. Women can wear dresses, pantsuits or skirts to maintain the formality of the occasion. Heels or wedges are usually recommended because they are more formal than flat shoes.

Make sure your heels are not too high or you may end up tripping in front of everyone present. Avoid jeans, open shoes, shorts and t-shirts because they will compromise the symbolism of such a special occasion in your life.

Your graduation is perhaps one of the best days of your life; so don’t take it lightly. A little planning beforehand will help make the day even more memorable than you imagined. Graduation Regalia has a wide collection of graduation ensembles to meet your specific needs. We will help make your day extra special by helping you choose the right high school graduation cap and gown for your big day.