High School Graduation in Sydney Australia

High School Graduation | Making Memories With Your Picture-Perfect Ensemble

High school graduation ceremonies remain vital for recognising your achievements and hard work throughout your student years. You have the opportunity to proudly collect your diploma in front of your loved ones, so you will want to dress for the occasion in keeping with graduation tradition.

What Do You Wear To High School Graduation?

From the time you begin school, you’ve probably imagined your graduation day. You’ll remember it for years to come and will pass on fond memories to your children. So, you will naturally want to look as impeccable as possible.

Your graduation ensemble typically consists of a gown, a mortar board, a hood and a sash. The high school graduation cap and gown are often necessities, while the hood and sash may sometimes be specific to a particular institution.

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The mortarboard or cap comes with a decorative braid that is shifted to the other side once you have received your degree on stage.

Your graduation cap is usually worn flat on your head and should be in a corresponding position to the floor. It should also fit closely on your head, which will prevent it from flying around in case of heavy gusts of wind. If the cap has a point, it should ideally be at the centre of your forehead.

Your graduation gown length will depend on your institution, but it usually falls somewhere between the knees and ankles.

Your high school caps and gowns can have accessories like stoles and cords, which tide in with the traditional requirements of your educational institution.   

Educational institutions often tend to select high school graduation cap and gown hues to reflect traditional symbols and colours. While the gown and cap are often traditionally black, students are encouraged to dress in neutral or black and white colours to reflect the symbolism of this grand occasion.

Keep Your Under Gown Attire Simple And Elegant

Your high school graduation is special, but there’s no need to go overboard with your under gown attire. Keeping it simple and elegant is your best option for a flawless look. In fact, the high school may stipulate some rules and dress codes to help you make the right choices.

Men are encouraged to wear dark trousers and light shirts with ties under graduation gowns. Women are encouraged to wear lightweight skirts and dresses to prevent anything from hanging below the gown. Of course, pantsuits are perfectly acceptable choices too.

Ideally, don’t wear any jewellery or flowers because this could interfere or get entangled with your graduation gown.

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Graduation gowns usually cover all parts of your under gown attire except your shoes, so make choices that are both comfortable and elegant. Stay away from casual loafers, runners and open toe shoes.

Instead, opt for formal black shoes, heels or wedges for this important day. Don’t go too high with your heels for your own comfort and safety.

Most importantly, wear clothes that are comfortable under your high school graduation gown. The high school may encourage a dress trial before the big day to help you feel relaxed with your outfit.

Wrinkle-Free Graduation Gowns For Maximum Appeal

Many graduating students make the mistake of ordering gowns or picking them up on the final day, which leaves them with very little time to get rid of those ugly wrinkles.

Ideally, you should buy your high school graduation ensemble in advance, so that you can hang them up or iron them to eliminate visible wrinkles.

When ironing the gown, make sure it is inside out because irons sometimes leave marks on clothes. The last thing you want is a graduation gown laden with ugly iron marks on it.

A steam iron is an ideal choice for removing wrinkles from your graduation gowns. These steam irons inject heat on the gown to eliminate wrinkles without actually touching it.

Wearing graduation gowns and caps is part of age-old tradition and reflects your passage into the next phase of your life. These milestones deserve attention; so invite your close family or friends to enjoy these special moments with you. Graduation Regalia has a range of attire for your needs.

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