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Procrastinators unite… tomorrow!

Essays, assignments, reports, studying, it all needs to be done sometime, right? But first it’s pretty important to finish binge watching your new favourite TV series and that stack of dirty dishes which have been sitting in your bedroom for months suddenly needs to be cleaned up right this second. Basically you’ll find any reason to postpone doing what needs to done. This is known as procrastination and it’s a very common practice among uni students who will avoid doing course work at all costs. While procrastination may be fun, you definitely don’t want to spend your time at uni in constant stress over looming deadline because you’ve successfully avoided these assignments over the last few weeks. Thankfully for students everywhere, we’ve found some handy tips to get over your procrastination infection and to get everything done with the marks you deserve.

1. Get straight in to it

“I’ll just have a quick ten minute break to check Facebook and then I’ll start my work.” Have you heard that one before? Well then you probably already know that ten minutes turns into a couple of hours and the blank space that is your essay remains exactly the same. The solution to this procrastination problem is simple: don’t take any breaks and do your work as soon as you start. Time for Facebook and your other favourite activities will come later, once you’ve finished what needs to be done or once you’ve done enough work to deserve a break in the first place. Just remember, the hardest part of any assignment is starting it, once you do the rest will come easily!

Get in to it!

2. Avoid Distractions

Even though you’ve promised yourself that you won’t even think about looking at Facebook or any of your other favourite websites the temptation is still there, especially when you’re stuck on a particular nasty paragraph or are simply experiencing a lack of inspiration. You can’t let yourself fall down this trap! Try using handy software such as Freedom, RescueTime and StayFocusd which helps you get urgent work done by block out any distracting websites. You’ll be more productive than ever before!



3. Make a List and Stick to It!

There is nothing more satisfying than ticking a stressful item off your to do list. This satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment alone should be enough to motivate you to do your work. By writing a to do list, you’ll have all of your tasks planned in front of you for the next few weeks. This way you can’t “accidentally” put off or forget any boring yet important task that’s come your way. Don’t forget to reward yourself! Every time you cross something off your list, be sure to celebrate a task well done.


4. Peer Pressure

The journey towards that high distinction doesn’t have to be a lonely one. At uni, you’re surrounded by other students just like you who are constantly torn between the struggle of having a tonne of assignments to do and not wanting to do them. Invest in a study partner who you can study with without distracting each other. Having someone there to constantly motivate you who understands the stress and pressure you’re under can be an enormous help.


5. Be aware of your procrastination habits

You may be employing the help of your friends, apps and lists to beat procrastination but at the end of the day, the only thing standing in between you and your assignments is yourself! The best way to deal with procrastination is to be aware of it. Every time you find yourself being drawn to Facebook or any other remedial task, snap yourself out of it! Only you have the power to break the procrastination cycle and strive to get that high distinction! It’s a mighty task but if you continually believe and motivate yourself, it can be done!

I'm Done!

Don’t let procrastination consume your life! Follow these helpful tips and allow yourself to be the most efficient and productive student you can be! Otherwise you’ll never finish anythi