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The Power of the Student ID

What most people don’t realise about starting uni, is that as soon as you’ve enrolled in your classes and take your first step on campus: you’re given an extraordinary power. And no, we’re not talking about the precious gift of being able to complete twelve hours of work within the twenty minutes before your assignment is due. Instead we’re talking about the little plastic card that sits in your wallet which most definitely contains an awkward photo of you and does a lot more than just get you into your exams. We’re of course talking about your student id card which just may be the best thing to happen to you in your entire university experience.

We all know that being a student isn’t exactly easy, especially if you’re living out of home and are bombarded with household bills and other adult horrors which your young brain can’t comprehend just yet. Not to mention the thought of thousands of dollars of debt in uni fees constantly hovering over your head. This is why your student card is just so important! Why bother paying for a full priced movie ticket when you already have to pay for an overpriced text book that you’ll only use once? Make sure to fully utilise the power of student discounts before your time at uni runs out! We’re helping you out by finding the best places and websites in Australia that give students the best discounts.

1. Student Edge

Your official student card from uni isn’t the only valuable card in your wallet. Student Edge is a company dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest promotions on products like educational software and entertainment packages and offering you the chance to enter awesome competitions and sweepstakes. Getting your hands on a Student Edge card will ensure that you’re always up to date with the greatest student deals and specials. Check out their website to find out more! You can also download the Student Edge app on your phone, available at for both Apple and Android devices.


2. UniDays

Similar to Student Edge, by singing up to UniDays allows you to reign in the rewards of being a student by offering various rewards and discounts from your favourite brands such as the Iconic, ASOS and Forever New! It’s absolutely free to sign up and you can be saving hundreds of dollars while still buying all those little things like an adorable outfit which will get you through those tough times at uni! Find out more about UniDays here.


3. Myer Miss Shop

How does 10% off of a wide range of clothes and accessories sound? The Myer Miss Shop allows you to get your hands on the latest amazing looks without totally breaking the banks. Just make sure you have your handy student id card on you to prove your poor student status and the discounts can be all yours!


4. Student VIP

Everything you need to excel at uni is right in front of you with Student VIP, available at an affordable price. From text books, to subject notes, to other great discounts Student VIP will give you that edge you need to absolutely smash all your units and live your uni life to the fullest! Check them out here!


5. Top Shop

A similar situation to Myer, make sure you have your student id with you to receive 10% off your purchases! What’s there not to love? You get some stylish new clothes at a cheaper costs and then brag about it to your friends who aren’t a uni to make them jealous.


And there you have it! You may be burdened with the fear of paying off your uni debt but at least you’ve got 10% off that text book which you’ll use once and put it away forever. Just make sure you have all your handy cards!