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What To Wear To Graduation | Outfitting A Stylish Appearance

Your graduation day is a moment in your life that you forward to with great anticipation, but figuring out what to wear to graduation can sometimes seem daunting. Since graduation recognises your efforts in high school or college, you’ll want to look your best as you accept your diploma in front of your family and friends.

To make this day special, advance planning for your graduation regalia can ease your stress tremendously. A good idea is to start planning your graduation gowns in Australia several weeks before you’re due to graduate. This guide is designed to help you make smart decisions in your quest to outfit a stylish appearance on your graduation day.

What To Wear To Graduation: Your Graduation Regalia For The Ceremony

You must begin by finding out your college or high school specifications regarding what to wear to graduation. Many schools and universities have certain stipulations, so your final choice will rest on the institution rules or the course you are graduating from.

Before deciding what to wear to graduation, be sure of the type of gowns your educational institution recommends. Graduation gowns are available in different materials –– silk, polyester, poplin, wool or cotton. The material choice typically depends on University regulations and local climates. You have the option to purchase or rent your graduation gown. Buying the gown and other graduation regalia offers you the opportunity to treasure the memorabilia from your graduation ceremony.

Graduation gowns in Australia are typically traditional black versions with hoods, caps, mortarboard and stoles.

Ideally, they should be durable and lightweight, so that you feel comfortable throughout the ceremony. Most gowns are available in a range of sizes to cater to your specific body structure.

Gowns usually have a stole or hood that helps to identify the discipline you graduate from. Some high schools and universities may also advise you to wear a sash with your graduation gown. For some graduation ceremonies, mortarboards are compulsory.

Mortarboards often come with tassels, which is worn on a specific side before graduation and turned to the other side after you receive your diploma. Mortarboards come in different sizes and are made of different materials. The correct way to way a mortarboard is to have the larger part of the skull at the back of your head. The top board is usually expected to be parallel to the ground.

Besides the gowns, caps, hoods and mortarboards, a graduation wardrobe may include a stole. The colour of the stole may be dictated by your university or high school guidelines.

Young Australian male a graduation day. Showing what to wear to graduation at University

What Do You Wear Below Your Graduation Gown?

When planning what to wear to graduation, you must consider your inside outfit too. The outfit you wear may depend on your high school or university guidelines. The inside attire is usually formal, whether you’re male or female. Men are generally expected to wear a formal suit or at least a tie below their graduation gowns.

You will ideally want to choose dark pant colours with light self-coloured shirts in keeping with a formal appearance. If you’re wearing a tie, you can choose a colour that matches the hood edging. Women can wear formal dresses or skirts, but should take care not to wear jarring colours that could clash with the significance of the ceremony. Women typically wear heels, while men wear formal black shoes when attending graduation ceremonies.

Make sure your graduation gowns and inside attire are properly hanged because wrinkled outfits look downright shabby. Always try your gown before the actual ceremony to make any alteration in advance.

Graduation is the last event for your school or college. Once you get your diploma on stage, you’re done and ready to start a new chapter in your life. Why rent when you can buy a graduation gown for as little as $50? Holding on to your graduation gown will help you preserve your memories for a lifetime.

You can even pass them on to your children as sentimental keepsakes if you wish. Graduation Regalia offers a range of graduation outfits and accessories to suit your specific needs at prices that will delight you. When you choose us for your needs, you won’t have to worry about what to wear to graduation because we’ve got you covered based on your particular graduation needs.