Graduate students wearing graduation hat and gown. Showing what to wear under graduation gowns in Australia

What To Wear Under Graduation Gown? 4 Sharp Tactics To Look Ultra Stylish

What to wear under graduation gown? This is perhaps the first question you will ask yourself in the days leading up to the formal ceremony. Your graduation is set to be one of the most memorable days of your life.

You’ll reminisce about this occasion with your friends and family. You’ll take pictures to eventually show your children and you will probably adorn your finest outfit on this special day. Dressing meticulously for this special ceremony resonates with the hard work and effort you’ve put into getting your diploma.

What To Wear Under Graduation Gown? Bringing Classy Style To The Forefront

Though your graduation gown is the most integral part of the ceremony, you’ll want to complement it with classy attire to reflect the significance of the occasion. This guide aims to help you in your quest to wear the right clothes under your graduation gown.

Dress Appropriately For The Occasion


As a general rule, both male and female graduates are expected to dress formally for the occasion when deciding what to wear under your graduation gown.

For men, it’s ideal to wear a suit or a shirt and tie with dark coloured pants. Your shirt should ideally be light to reflect a look of formality for the graduation ceremony.

For women, a self-coloured skirt and blouse or an elegant dress should suffice. Go light on the jewellery because you don’t want any pieces getting tangled in your cap, hood or sash. If the weather is warm, choose lightweight materials to avoid feeling uncomfortable during the ceremony. If the weather is relatively cool, wear something that will keep you warm.

Group Of Students Attending Graduation Ceremony in Australia. Showing what to wear under graduation gowns.

Avoid Too Many Or Too Few Layers

The question of what to wear under graduation gowns has plagued students for a long time. The trick is to avoid too many or too few layers when dressing up for your big day. Avoid complicated outfits under your graduation gown because they may get intertwined with something or may cause you to look bulky, which you probably don’t want for the camera.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll want to avoid wearing extra short skirts, low-cut dresses, t-shirts or jeans for the ceremony. After all, you’re at a graduation service and not a dance club.

Keeping it simple and formal is your best option when you don’t know how to dress for the ceremony.

Sleek outfits for both men and women always work best with graduation regalia.

Choose A Sober Hairstyle

Keep in mind that your graduation ensemble includes a cap or mortarboard, which means that your hairstyle should be able to adapt to it properly. For instance, heavy hairspray for men with too many spikes or top buns for women can make it complicated when you need to put your graduation cap over these hairstyles. Consider getting a simple hairstyle to make it easier.

Men simply need to comb their hair to one side, while women can leave their hair loose. Women can also tie their hair in a low ponytail or bun if they desire. To be on the safe side, you may want to get a hair trial with your cap before your big day.

Be Wise With Your Footwear

If you’re wondering what to wear under graduation gown, don’t forget your shoes. Keep in mind that your footwear will be visible throughout the ceremony, even with graduation gowns and accessories on. So, you’ll obviously want to choose the most appropriate pair you can find for your day.

For women, consider sleek low or high heels. Avoid wearing heels that are too high because they will make it uncomfortable for you to walk up on stage. Heels with a few inches are most suitable for the day.

Men can wear formal black or brown shoes to complement the occasion. Avoid wearing runners or anything too casual. You may also want to practice walking with your shoes in the days leading up to the ceremony to avoid trips and falls.

Balancing the significance of the occasion with smart fashion sense is important. Choose the best graduation gowns Australia has to offer with the largest collection available at Graduation Regalia. We can help you with your choices when you’re wondering what to wear under graduation gown on your big day.