Why Do We Wear Graduation Regalia?

Your graduation day is a reflection and celebration of all the hard work and effort you’ve put into your high school or college years, so you’ll want your graduation regalia to echo the same sentiment.

Graduation ensembles include gowns, caps, stoles, cords and hoods to denote different traditions when it comes to celebrating your academic achievement.

The Significance Of Graduation Regalia

The idea of wearing graduation gowns is to pay tribute to the long-standing echelons of tradition. Candidates being honoured on this special day adorn graduation regalia. Every high school or college stipulates their own regulations with respect to graduation outfits, so you need to follow these instructions to the tee to remain in sync with the symbolism of the actual ceremony.

Graduation Regalia in Australia.

Graduation gowns are commonly known as academic dresses or graduation robes. The tradition began in England several centuries ago and was driven by necessity.

Academic clothing originated from the everyday dressing of women and men in the middle ages. The original outfit consisted of a tunic covered by a cloak. The tunic or coat was completed with a hood worn over the shoulders.

This graduation ensemble tradition now transcends countries and has become the outfit of choice for most graduates around the world, including Australia. Irrespective of where you live, graduation regalia include gowns, caps, hoods and stoles for both men and women.

Graduation students usually wear the same type of gowns to reflect the institution they are graduating from.

Professors and visiting dignitaries also wear academic attire for the occasion. Graduation robes and caps are often black, but hoods, stoles and cords have different colours and symbols based on the graduate’s discipline or course.

Graduation Ensemble Styles

The style of regalia worn will vary based on where you are and your course. Your educational institution may also have specific guidelines about everything from colours and style to fit and accessories. You’re expected to follow these guidelines to maintain a homogeneous appearance with your fellow students on graduation day.

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High school graduation gowns are typically shorter than college degrees of diploma gowns. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students usually wear longer gowns, while Ph.D students generally wear more colourful gowns up to their ankles. Most gowns are designed to remain closed when worn.

Graduation hats come with decorative braids on one side. They are usually turned over to the other side once you receive your diploma. While there is no universal rule, it is widely accepted to have the decorative braid on the right before the degree.

It is then turned over to the left once the degree is awarded. You are expected to keep your cap in a straight position throughout the graduation ceremony and until you receive your degree on stage. Men generally are expected to remove hats when the national anthem or any song of the alma mater is playing. This is a sign of respect and is expected to be undertaken in unison. Women can leave their caps on because they often pin it to their heads.

Hoods and stoles generally refer to the degree conferred on the student and are usually draped around the neck. They are not compulsory and depend on the specifications of your educational institution. The largest portions of the hood should hand down your back.

The largest portions of stoles typically hang down the front of your gown. Borders, symbols and colours typically indicate your field of study. Hoods also have a string and button in the back to avoid slipping.

Graduation regalia are worn because they represent tradition and symbolism. This long-standing tradition makes the day extra special and is a sign that you’re ready to move on to the next part of your life.

It is a day for parents, students and loved ones to celebrate together and remains etched in memories. You may even want to share these memories with your children someday, so these traditions are held valuable by many.

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